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Tracking / Trailing 

Missing child, walk away, elderly, lost hunter, etc. Trailing dogs utilize scent discrimination to pick up the track of a specific person and to establish and follow the direction of travel by that person

Air-scent Search 

The air scent dog is utilized to check specific search areas, trails, building interiors, etc. They can work day or night and are useful for wilderness or suburban settings.

Search and Rescue Dogs of Pennsylvania

Has been serving the community for over 25 years by supporting law enforcement agencies with unpaid professionals and highly trained dogs to locate missing and lost persons, evidence and human remains. 

Search And Rescue Dogs of Pennsylvania Search And Rescue Dog Teams

Human Remains Detection

​Referred to as a Cadaver Dog, can be used to locate missing persons, scattered or buried remains, fire fatalities or to detect the presence of blood at a crime scene or in/ on a vehicle. 

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Water Search 

Drowning, boating/swimming accident  recovery. Water search K9’s are capable of working from shoreline or from a boat to locate human scent.

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