What is a trailing dog?

​​​​​Mission Statement
To provide a team of unpaid search & rescue professionals who are available to assist law enforcement agencies or fire departments in finding missing persons while maintaining the team requirement of putting the victim ahead of any other agenda. Strive to improve level of expertise by continuing training, education, and team unity through cross training and sharing of ideas/expertise.

Search & Rescue Dogs of Pennsylvania is a volunteer, non-profit organization based in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Through the use of trained dog and handler teams, we will assist in voluntary support of local and state law enforcement agencies responding to the recovery of missing or lost persons, evidence / article search and human remains detection. In addition, we seek to increase the safety of the general public, through community education. 

Our dogs are trained to meet and exceed the standards of nationally recognized organizations such as IRO, IPWDA, NAPWDA, USPCA & NASAR.  

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